Al MANHAL International Private School
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Principal Message

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful, we offer you our congratulations on the beginning of the new school year wishing all the pillars of the educational operation a distinguished successful new school year.

 Dear Students, we work together to take you up to the highest levels of progress, distinction and innovation looking for the better through providing the best modern methods for application of the curriculum by the hands of a staff whom we give training and preparing for offering the best. We hope that you do your level best in order to achieve the highest levels of distinction and innovation.

 Dear Colleagues, the partners in the educational operation, mastering abilities will put you on the right way and early preparation will lead to achievements. Good planning will lead you to success and realize the required educational results in a distinct picture. Observe acquisition of personal and knowledge abilities to create quality in education and learning to improve student performance and acquisition of age and education skills together through your cooperation with all parties and transferring your work to achievements.

 Dear Parents, we are always keen to maintain intimate relation between teachers, administrators and you. We believe in your effective role in facilitating the educational operation. We always do our best to provide you with the level of academic attainments.

 We are aware of our responsibility towards safety of your children, and apply children safety policy in our school with trust and responsibility with our obligation towards maintaining the identity of the United Arab Emirates through commemorating the State National occasions and emphasizing its cultural and traditional identity.