Al MANHAL International Private School
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Al Manhal school was established in 1979 in pursuit of a challenging dream to provide quality education to the younger generation of Abu Dhabi city using the best resources available that would enable each child in Abu Dhabi city to develop into his/her full creative , intellectual and physical potentials.

The school started operating as an early childhood school nursery in a small building, and then it soon gained popularity within Abu Dhabi community. The number of the children from the neighborhood joining the school grew steadily, the growth continued till this dedicated building.

The current building constructed on about 13.200m²of land, with a covered area of about 5500m² composed of two floors and three floors in some parts of the building. The outside courts cover the remaining of the total sun face area of the land.

At present the school is running with strength of 2509 students in 96 classrooms, grades KG1 – 12.

The school building looks like a bird spreading its wings. There are two wings a head and a tail. The head is where the administration offices are. One wing is for the boys sections started from grade 5 – 12, and the other is for the girls started from grade 1 – 12. There is also a separate building for the KG.

The KG section has 10 classrooms with their activities and a spacious indoor playground with games and toys to make the school a place of fun and learning for the young learners.

The boys’ wing has a separate play area and assembly point. There is provision of mosque for the male teachers and the male students.

The girls’ wing has a separate play area and assembly point. There is provision of prayer room for the female teachers and the female students.

In addition a Gym and swimming pool both girls and boys practice different activities and games one week for boys and one week for girls.

There are four computer labs, two for boys and two for girls. Two science laboratories for girls and two science laboratories for boys. A multi – purpose conference room, an art room, a music room, a clinic, a big canteen for boys and similar one for girls, a photocopying area and big store.

Students’ affairs, registration department, accounting department and employees department .Five senior supervisors offices and one office for two supervisors. All teachers have rooms with offices.

Transportation is a very important department in the school. It has a supervisor and his staff follows him. Two separated rooms for social worker one male social worker for boys and one female social worker for girls..

The environment is safe, stress free and conducive to academic pursuits. The school has always placed great emphasis on the quality of teaching. The staff is qualified and holds university degrees related to the subjects they teach.
They all work diligently to help students achieve academic progress and growth.

Our Core Values

  • Respect
  • Loyalty
  • Develop self control
  • Cooperative

Our Vision

  • High quality education
  • Interesting education environment
  • Active community involvementl
  • Creative and belonging generation

Our Mission

To provide excellent learning experience for the purpose of preparing a generation that is committed toward his religion, belonging to his country, creative in his thinking and skills, via an educational system and with a community involvement.